Yoga Challenge Week 3 Recap + Pics from the Weekend

Hello Everyone!

It’s time for the week 3 recap of the October Yoga Challenge!

Goal: 4 Yoga sessions
Actual: 4 Yoga Sessions

Monday I went to yoga at my gym with my mom.  We love the class because the instructor comes around during meditation and places a lavender scented tissue over your eyes and massages your temples for a few seconds.

On Wednesday, I tried the Jillian Michaels Yoga meltdown dvd.  Leave it to Jillian to make a yoga workout intense!  I was sweating and my muscles were burning in no time.  I got an effective workout in 35 minutes.

On Thursday, I found this 40 minute yoga session to follow along with.

On Friday, I followed along to this yoga session online.  I am not used to Hatha yoga, so I liked getting to try a different style.

Hooray! I have now done 3 weeks of consistent yoga for a total of 11 sessions this month.  I feel great, and I am really started to get addicted to it.  I would prefer to take classes at a studio or gym, but I think there are so many great videos available on youtube, it really is the next best thing.

So far this week, I have done about half of the Hatha yoga session and tonight I am headed to a PiYo class with my mom.  I just got an email today that my yoga studio, B Yoga, is holding a free heated yoga class on Saturday afternoon! If you live in the area, check it out! Heated yoga is not Bikram yoga, the room is heated to a “balmy” 80 degrees, and the poses move through a vinyasa.  I am really excited for it!

And now, on to the weekend recap! I already told you guys about my Sunday night Wine tasting at Wine Connextion, but that wasn’t the only fun thing I did this weekend.

Pics from the weekend:

train.fwme and cj train.fwme and meg.fw



whale watch

On Saturday Night, CJ and I went out to Yardhouse which is a bar that serves beers in “half yards”  seen in the pictures above.  It was pretty hard to drink when it got down to the bottom! I let CJ finish mine off since I think it is equivalent to three beers and I didn’t want to drink that much.  My have times have changed since college!

On Sunday, Cj and I woke up and went to Boston for a Whale Watch.  It was an unoffial “October Date.”  When we got there, they said we could use the tickets to come back another time since the water was so rough.  We decided to brave the seas and go anyway.  We took some Dramamine and set out to sea.  Unfortunately, we didn’t get to see any whales! This Whale watch does not use sonar to find the whales since it can be disruptive to them, so instead they just look out the windows with binoculars and go to where the whales usually are.  Our boat went all the way to the tip of Cape Cod in search of whales, but still we were unsuccessful. Sad smile  We did, however, get passes to go again next spring.


Ok, I’m off to my PiYo (pilates + yoga) class! Have a good night!

How is your week going?  Have you ever done Heated or Bikram yoga?

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4 Responses to Yoga Challenge Week 3 Recap + Pics from the Weekend

  1. Yoga Meltdown is NO joke! It felt like an instense cardio workout the first time I did it!
    Love the sunglasses picture :)
    Jen@HealthyFoodandFamily recently posted..Day 12My Profile

  2. such cute pictures!
    Alex @ therunwithin recently posted..DTM- Not to be Confused with DFMMy Profile

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