Recipe Redux: Chocolate Chip Skillet Cookie

This month’s recipe redux  theme was to share your favorite kitchen gadget/appliance, and share a favorite recipe used with the appliance.  I knew I wanted to talk about my Kitchen Aid, because it is without a doubt, my favorite appliance in my kitchen.  Coincidently, as fate would have it, I got an early Christmas surprise that fit right into this month’s theme.  On my way home from the gym this morning, I spotted a table of appliances on the side of the road in front of a house.  I have a trained eye for spotting Kitchen aid mixers, so I pulled over when I saw one on the table.  I assumed the table was up for sale but when I got closer I saw a sign that read “From Santa.”  There were a couple old stainless steel blenders, a tea kettle, and a beautiful old white Kitchen aid mixer.  I just had to take that mixer home!  Thanks, Santa!

IMG_0653Now, I already have a Kitchen aid mixer that I received a few months ago for my 24th birthday (that I love dearly) from my boyfriend but I couldn’t resist the opportunity to take home a vintage one.  I knew it probably wouldn’t work, but lucky for me, CJ loves taking things apart, so I knew he would be up for the challenge.

photo (3)After showing him the mixer,  he grabbed his tool box right away and got to work.  I went off into the kitchen to use my (working) Kitchen Aid to make a chocolate chip skillet cookie.  I love making chocolate chip cookies with the mixer because it makes it  so easy.  To make the skillet cookies, I used a Martha Stewart recipe, and divided the dough into two skillets and cut the baking time down.

photo (4)The thing I love most about the mixer is how easy it makes it to multitask while baking.  You can be creaming the butter and sugar while sifting the flour.  It really cuts down your baking time.  Plus, it’s sort of mesmerizing to watch it in action.


The cookies were done before the Kitchen Aid mixer was fixed.  I’m not sure if we will ever be able to get it to work, but I guess that’s just the way the cookie crumbles.  Even if we never get it to work, I’ll still want to keep it for a decoration because a Kitchen aid is like a work of art. :)

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4 Responses to Recipe Redux: Chocolate Chip Skillet Cookie

  1. yummy! I’ve always wanted to make a skillet cookie ever since I saw it on Pinterest!

  2. great story about the vintage KitchenAid mixer – I feel the same way about mine. LOVE the idea of chocolate chip cookies in a skillet. Will need to try this out :)
    Deanna Segrave-Daly recently posted..Red & Green Holiday Salad with Honey VinaigretteMy Profile

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